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A Message from Kali

Hello! Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. My name is Kali Morgan and I am asking for your vote to become the Democratic Party Nominee for the 505th District Family Court of Fort Bend County, Texas. If you live ANYWHERE in Fort Bend County, I will be on your ballot July 14, 2020. Thank you in advance for your support! 

What I Believe

Children and Families First

In my opinion, there are few cases more important than those involving families and children. Decisions that are made in these cases often times have an immediate and lasting impact on everyone involved. I never lose sight of the fact that there are real people (not case numbers) who have to live with every decision that I make. I take great care in ensuring that the best possible decision is made in every case. Decisions that affect the lives of families and children require a thorough knowledge of the law, a careful consideration of the facts, overall good judgement and common sense, and an understanding of cultural differences and differences in family structure. These are all attributes that I will bring to the bench if I am elected to serve you as Judge of the 505th District Family Court. I will strive each day to achieve the best possible outcomes for ALL families. 

A Fresh Perspective

When you change the players, you change the game. Fort Bend County is one of the most diverse counties in the nation, and I believe that the leadership of the county should be a reflection of its citizens. I believe that the courts should be accessible, and I believe in fairness and equality for all. I believe that the playing field should be level, and that no one should have an unfair advantage because of who they are or what they have. The courtroom should be a place where every person who walks through the doors is treated with respect, where every voice is heard, and where every case receives the time and attention that it deserves in the most efficient way possible. I firmly believe that justice should be blind to social, racial, and political differences. As Judge, I will apply the law impartially and consistently across the board. I will treat everyone with respect, and I will ensure that the law and the orders of the court are followed. 

The Next Step - July 14th Runoff Election!

The primary runoff election has been rescheduled to July 14, 2020. Early voting will begin on June 29th. I am asking for your vote to become the Democratic Party Nominee for the 505th District Family Court of Fort Bend County, Texas. Every vote counts! Can I count on you to vote #Kalifor505

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